Finding the perfect activities for your child to take part in after school, can be difficult, especially if he or she spends most of the days indoors on electronics. Fortunately, at Ultimate Youth Sports of Columbus, we offer a number of different after-school and summer camp activities that children of all ages love. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of our most popular classes so that your child can enjoy taking part in exciting activities while meeting new friends along the way!

At Ultimate Youth Sports, we are the best after-school program for children in Columbus, with a number of activities and services to choose from. With a number of exciting activities to choose from, and many different summer camps and day camps designed to help your child have a blast while making new friends, we are confident that your kiddo will love all that we have to offer at Ultimate Youth Sports. Learn about some of our after-school programs today by reading more below!


Dance classes are fun for children of all ages, as this engaging activity helps children develop and finetune their motor skills while building confidence along the way. Not to mention, since dancing can naturally dissolve social barriers, this activity can help improve your child’s social skills!


Stress is part of our everyday lives, however, there are many ways to properly handle stress without letting it become worse. Yoga is a simple after-school activity taught at Ultimate Youth Sports that is designed to improve coordination and flexibility while naturally reducing cortisol, the key component that is responsible for inducing stress and inflammation.

Martial Arts

If your child has trouble staying focused in class or is looking for a way to naturally burn off energy at the end of a long day, then martial arts may be the perfect class for him or her! Certain martial arts, such as karate, have shown to be incredibly effective for developing discipline, listening skills, and improving focus. For this reason, karate continues to be one of the most widely taught forms of martial arts around the country!

Indoor and Outdoor Sports

There are a number of physical benefits that your child can expect to receive while taking part in our indoor and outdoor sports program. Not only can your child get in shape through our many sports offered such as football and soccer but they can also improve their hand-eye coordination by participating in our other sports offered like basketball and baseball. Whatever your child’s sport of choice is, there is a good chance that we offer it at Ultimate Youth Sports!

If you would like to sign up for the best after-school program in Columbus, then visit our website today to learn more. We have a number of resources that outline our award-winning program, and if you have additional questions or concerns, we are more than happy to accommodate you in any way possible. Call 706-452-5641, or complete the contact form on our website to get started!