Similar to drama classes offered in school, our drama program allows your child to get some energy and – dare we say it – drama out of their systems. For those interested in drama and theater, we let them act out in an environment that allows and, in fact, encourages drama.

Allow your child’s true drama queen (or king) free reign during our drama classes. Even if you’re trying to get a shy child to come out of their shell, our team works with students of all personalities. Aiming to give children a place to break free of their own boundaries, our drama program encourages personal expression, in a safe and understanding environment.

Aside from letting your child really let their personality enjoy the lessons that we teach in our drama program, drama classes are a great way for your child to work on their speaking skills and organization, all while having fun!

Drama encourages several core values, including:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Imagination

  • Empathy
  • Cooperation

  • Concentration
  • Communication

Above all, we work to instill core life skills. It’s not all about acting and dancing, although that is the fun part. Through drama, your children will acquire the confidence and the skills to deal with stressors in their lives. As an excellent way to get your child acquainted with working in a team, your child will learn to listen to others’ ideas and learn how to incorporate them so every team member walks away satisfied with the outcome.

Whether your child has a relentless ambition for Hollywood and television or is more reserved and needs a push to emerge from their shell, our team is incredibly eager to start teaching your child. Give your child the benefit of obtaining critical skills before they need them.

Allowing children to take part in major performances and smaller skits allows them to do much more than simply act.

Students of our theater program have reported several advantages including learning to be adaptable in all situations, fostering group relationships and lasting friendships and a boost in self-confidence.

Theater classes will also allow your child to get working on their public speaking skills early – something they’ll have to perfect by the time they get to college. While the arts are being cut from public education, as school districts across the nation are having to tighten their budgets, families are needing an alternative source for arts and culture. We are that alternative.

We highlight the extremely positive impact these programs can have on young minds, which is part of the reason why our team is dedicated to teaching your children. Theater allows for the expansion of creativity – something all children should have a free and open space to express freely.

Theatre will expose your child to a diverse population of others, all in the same age group, but each from different walks of life. Each class is designed to encourage your child to engage with those around them in order to learn. If you think your child is bound for Broadway or might have a hidden talent, enroll them in our theater classes.

Call us now to get our drama & theater class schedule and to reserve your child’s spot.